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I'm Not Alone

It's a lie I don't believe

Rosette Christopher (AU)
14 January 1908
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This is a role-playing journal for econtra_rpg by yamikonumber7.
Rosette Christopher © Daisuke Moriyama.
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.

Character: Rosette Christopher
Series/Fandom: Chrno Crusade
Original or Alternate: Alternate

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Rosette stands about 5’5”, with bright blue eyes and wide smile that doesn’t show itself nearly as much as it once did. Her shoulder-length blonde hair is pulled back into twin ponytails at the top and allowed to fall free below that.

Her outfit is in the style of the time, conservative and functional. A long blue skirt falls to her ankles, just brushing the tops of simple, durable boots. A long sleeved white shirt buttons up to her neck, with a blue bow tied in the collar.

Personality: Normally, Rosette would have a bright personality. She is high-spirited and quick to make a joke or a sarcastic remark or to smile or laugh. She will do anything to support and protect the people she cares about, being very much willing to put herself in danger to keep those she loves out of it. She is also very stubborn and aggressive, and also quite impetuous – she’d prefer to rely on luck and tenacity than strategy and patience.

That forceful personality has become somewhat subdued since the death of her brother. A sadder cast seems to hang over her. Smiles and laughter come less frequently and last for a shorter time, and she can’t watch siblings together without missing her brother terribly. Losing her brother has hurt her terribly, and she’s still in the process of recovering from the blow.

Abilities/Strengths: After six years of schooling and training, Rosette is a skilled medic. She truly cares about patients that come into her care, and if she can’t find the right cure right away, she refuses to give up until she exhausts every option and does everything within her power to help her patient. She is very intuitive and in some cases very lucky. Unfortunately, as far as combat goes, her skills are limited to rudimentary training with a Colt .45 Automatic. She does not currently have one on her person.

Weapons: While Rosette has had training in the use of a Colt .45 Automatic, she does not currently have one. She enters the city unarmed.

Weaknesses: Physically, Rosette is simply an eighteen-year-old girl. Possessing no special physical or magical attributes, she can easily be hurt or killed by one who does.

Mentally, Rosette is a mess right now. Her brother’s death was a hard blow to her psyche, and she’s still trying to recover from it. Anything that reminds her of her brother can set her off, and she can’t watch siblings or close friends together – it reminds her too much of what she’s lost. What makes it worse is her impatience – part of her thinks she should be over this by now, and she gets frustrated and angry with herself every time memories of her brother surface and hurt her, just making the problem even worse.

History: People often say that one’s future is determined by one’s choices. This isn’t always true; oftentimes, one’s future is determined by the choices of others. Such is the case of Rosette Christopher. Born in 1908, Rosette and her brother Joshua (one year younger than her) were orphaned when the ship their parents were on was wrecked. Though her parents were never found, they were eventually declared dead and after a funeral with empty coffins, Rosette and Joshua were sent to the Seventh Bell orphanage in Michigan. At this time, Rosette was only five years old.

She and Joshua lived in Seventh Bell for years when a condition of Joshua’s came to light: he could miraculously heal people with his hands; however, this power placed immense strain on his body, leaving him weakened and more prone to get sick and have fits. His sickness, in addition to the fact that he was the only family she had left, led Rosette to become protective (to the point of being overprotective) of him. When Joshua turned eleven, a priest from the Magdalene Order, an order of exorcists, came to adopt him. Having heard about his power, the order wanted to take him in and help him develop it. Rosette, terrified she would lose her only family, often took him out into the forest surrounding the orphanage whenever the priest came to visit.

It was on one such occasion that she stepped onto a weak patch of ground out in the woods. It crumbled under her feet and sent both her and Joshua tumbling into what seemed to be an underground mausoleum. Looking for a way out, they came across a pair of stone doors, behind which lay a coffin and a child-sized demon who introduced himself as Chrno. Rosette’s kind heart and outgoing personality soon made him the friend of both her and Joshua.

Unfortunately, the happy summer days they spent together were not to last. Joshua made the decision to join the Order on his own, sending Rosette running down into the forest to meet Chrno with nothing but a lantern and her own fears and doubts. Instead of the reassurance she was seeking, the situation simply turned worse. One of Chrno’s old partners in crime, Aion, turned up with a proposition for him: If Chrno would join Aion once again, Aion would give Chrno back the horns (the very source of a demon’s power) he had taken from him fifty-four years before. Chrno chose to accept the offer and left with Aion, leaving a very hurt and afraid Rosette alone in the woods with only a steadily dying lantern.

She ran back to the orphanage and stayed with Joshua that night, helping the matron of the orphanage take care of him after he had another one of his fits. When the priest came to pick Joshua up in the morning, Rosette flatly refused to stay behind, insisting on being taken to the order with her brother. The priest, a kindhearted man, relented and allowed her to join the order along with Joshua. While he trained as an exorcist, she went to work in the hospital wing, intent on keeping a promise she’d made to herself long ago: to become a doctor in order to help her brother.

Six years passed, in which time Rosette (through sheer perseverance more than anything else) became a skilled medic and Joshua prepared to enter the Militia, the highest rank any member of the order could achieve. Once again, the choice of another would change the course of Rosette’s life. Joshua went on a relatively routine assignment with a new exorcist: rid an old building of the demon that had taken up unwanted residence within. It wasn’t the demon that gave either of them trouble, but rather the instability of the decrepit building. The demon managed to bring the entire structure down as it was dying, collapsing the building onto Joshua and the young recruit. Joshua managed to escape with a broken arm, but his young charge wasn’t nearly as lucky: a piece of wood impaled through the neck is often fatal. Joshua managed to reach her, however, and attempted to heal her wound. His success came at a very personal cost – the strain of healing such a terrible wound stopped his heart. By the time any medical help arrived, he had already died.

The news nearly broke Rosette. The only family she had left, the one person she’d been trying to help and protect for most of her life…her reason for going on, really…gone. Not only had he died, she’d been completely unable to help him. Everything she’d done for those past six years had been for nothing. Her normally sunny disposition darkened for several weeks, and the usually loud girl rarely talked to anybody. Even the kindhearted priest who had grown quite fond of her could barely get a word out of her.
Two months have passed since, enough time for the wound to heal somewhat but still be incapacitating when probed. It was on what looked to be another ordinary day that Rosette was pulled from her world into one that was completely unfamiliar.

Barracks Assignment: Mui-Dyo
Player's Journal: yamikonumber7